Three-color dress MATTONCINI GIALLO without sleeves

Brand DIVA'S - women's brand from Italy, with production in their own country. Bright prints, flowing viscose and unique Italian colors! Unique design with Italian flavor. Dress from natural material - viscose with a geometric pattern. Gate waterfall, hands open. Straight fit, contrasting colors.
  • Артикул: A159-MG
  • Vendor: DIVA'S, Italy
  • Material: 95% Viscosa, 5% Elastomer
  • Package: Transparent plastic bag
  • Color: yellow
A159-MG-44 — 2200000033758
A159-MG-46 — 2200000033765
A159-MG-48 — 2200000033772
A159-MG-50 — 2200000033789
РРЦ: 6970i