SMOOTH & PRETTY Pheromone Shave Cream, Sugar Bomb, 8 Fl. Oz., Pump Bottle

Moisturizing complex 2 in 1. The cream is suitable for use as a shave, a special formula prevents the formation of redness and irritation on the skin, ingrown hair, cuts. The composition of panthenol, lanolin, keratin and jojoba, which care about nutrition and hydration of the skin. The cream can be used as a nutrient for hair, for this use it as a regular hair conditioner. Pheromones, which contains a complex, increase the attractiveness of the owner of the cream. The fragrance of the spray is sassy and flirty at the same time, a combination of sweet peony and fragrant musk.
  • Item №: CE7022-08
  • Штрих-код: 638258702287
  • Vendor: Crazy Girl, USA
РРЦ: 2050i


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