Training your staff

What is the most important thing in every business? Money? Stock? Credits? Clients? Each of those things matters, but the crucial role play the people that is - your team. There is one simple rule for a successful business and big sales – and that is knowledge. Your seller or sale team is capable to sell in the limits set by their natural skills or education. But just imagine how much they could sell if they were able to produce a quality information. It is very important to deliver all the details of every product that is displayed in your store or on-line shop. Your staff should answer on every question asked by a customer. For this purpose we offer you free video-trainings on how to handle intimate products as well as presentations on lubricants. On every fair we conduct seminars, trainings and invite guests – managers and owners of international vendors. At any point of our cooperation we encourage you and your personnel to ask questions – we will be glad to answer all of them!